SahiGST offers a reconciliation report feature for taxpayers to reconcile their purchase ledger with the current state of GSTR-2A. This report is different from the reconciliation done during filing of GSTR-2. In GSTR-2A, you can see entries that your vendors have "Saved" and thus reconciliation in 2A can begin much before the filing dates of GSTR-2 starts. However you will only take action on various reconciliation items in GSTR-2.

For you to track which of your vendors haven't uploaded invoices yet or have made any errors in their uploads, GSTR-2A reconciliation report is a great tool. This reco can begin as soon as GSTR-1 invoices start getting 'Saved' on GSTN.

For reconciliation within GSTR-2A, you can either prepare your purchase ledger in a very simple format prescribed by SahiGST or a direct export from Tally (ERP 9, 6.1) can be used.

1. Exporting B2B Purchase From Tally For Reconciliation In GSTR-2A

Go to Display > Account Books > Purchase Register in Tally.

Select the month

Enter F5 to view the purchase register in columnar mode and the alteration must be as per below image. Only “Show Voucher Type”, “Show supplier invoice no. and date” and “Show party’s GSTIN/UIN” would be marked as YES.

The tax input ledgers must be exported in the following order. Please select the respective ledgers for these.

  1. IGST
  2. CGST
  3. SGST
  4. Cess

Once you see the requisite data on the screen (image below), you can use the Export command (Alt+E) to get a excel output.

Save the output in your desired name & excel format. It would be accepted in SahiGST for reco within GSTR-2A.