We have often seen our users report that their GSTN Summary is either not generated after successful upload of data or is incomplete. If you are seeing the same issue, we can help you diagnose the same below

i) Did you use multiple systems?

Have you uploaded all your data only via SahiGST? If any data was uploaded or modified from any other system, there can be discrepancies. To resolve this scenario, we would recommend using "Get Data From GSTN" button and ensuring that "SahiGST Summary" is showing you accurate data. If you see differences, please upload a new data set to SahiGST and use the "Delete existing" data option when uploading your file.

ii) GSTN Summary continues to be inaccurate?

If you see that your GSTN Summary still either fails to load at all or shows incorrect values. The first step to diagnose is to view details of invoices in SahiGST summary and check the "Status" of the same at GSTN is Saved or Pending? Ideally, all your records should be marked as "Saved".

If your SahiGST summary is not showing anything as pending, it is fair to assume that GSTN is taking time to update your summary. We have seen this behaviour often. "Refreshing GSTN Summary" after a few hours should resolve the issue. It is also always a good idea to ensure your Summary is accurate before you Submit your data with GSTN.