Updated on 1st September 2017

HSN summary in GSTR-1 has undergone several changes in last few days. GSTN API validations for the same has changed several times leading to issues in what ASPs validate and what GSTN accepts. Our team has done through testing of what values GSTN is accepting via APIs and updated our validations accordingly. 

To make it convenient for you, here are the rules that GSTN API follows:

- Either HSN/SAC or Description needs to be provided

- HSN/SAC cannot be repeated

- Description if repeated alongside HSN entries is fine, but cannot be repeated otherwise (Eg: HSN is unique, but descriptions next to them is same)

- UQC is optional

- Total quantity can be 0

- Total quantity has to be provided with upto 2 decimal points

- HSN/SAC should be between 2-8 characters

Sample of valid data:

Sample of invalid data: