You would notice that when uploading a return file to SahiGST, we allow you to select a rounding option. This rounding mechanism is used differently depending on the template you used.

SahiGST Template

In SahiGST Template the data provided by you is validated by us for accuracy. For example, if you mentioned Taxable amount as Rs 8,999 and rate as 18%, we would verify if your tax amount was Rs 1,619.82. However, depending on what kind of rounding practice you follow when raising your invoices, we want to let you select rounding preference when you upload your GSTR file to SahiGST. SahiGST would validate your uploaded file and tax amounts against the rounding options elected by you.

GSTN / Tally Template

In GSTN official excel template you provide taxable value and rate, the tax amounts are calculated automatically. Given that you may have specific rounding provisions in your accounting, we allow you to select what rounding settings to apply to your uploaded file. The recommended method (that is followed by GSTN) as well is normal decimal rounding. However, you can select different rounding options upto decimal or whole number.upto decimal or whole number.upto decimal or whole number.upto decimal or whole number.upto decimal or whole number.upto decimal or whole number.upto decimal or whole number.upto decimal or whole number.

In case you want to enter specific amounts in your filing and do not want us to calculate the same for you, please use SahiGST template.

Understanding Rounding Options

Example of different rounding options and how they impact final values.

Setting an error margin

When uploading your file on SahiGST, we will validate various amounts as per tax rate mentioned. However, we have seen cases where there is inconsistent rounding across invoices. This may be because the data was prepared manually and then entered into an accounting system. If you find your data file giving errors with respect to tax amounts being incorrect and the same cannot be handled by rounding options, you have an option to set “error margin” in SahiGST. This error margin by default is Rs. 0, where we will validate for the most accuracy. You can set your own margin, if the values provided by you fall in this error margin range, SahiGST validations would ignore the difference and let you import the data and proceed with filing.

Eg: If your tax amount is Rs 112.43. And your error margin is set at 0.25. We would consider any amount falling between 112.18 (112.43-0.25) and 112.68 (112.45+0.25) as valid.