As you would know, SahiGST is live with GSTN connectivity and allows you to upload GSTR-1 immediately. There are certain aspects of GSTN connectivity that you need to be aware of.

Lag in data update:

After uploading transactions to GSTN via SahiGST we have seen that it can take as much as 2 hours for the change to reflect on GST portal. This is a delay in processing from GSTNs end. So please do not worry if you see a "Success" message for Save data from us but do not see your data on GST portal. Wait for sometime and check the status again.

On Submit

SUBMIT is a step that finalises your return for filing with GSTN. Currently Submit is not activated by GSTN and hence SahiGST isn't providing the same to you. You would see the below message currently when you use 'Submit' option within SahiGST.

As soon as GSTN enables Submit, we shall allow it via SahiGST and inform you via email.

Later this week we are rolling out some updates to our system. This could include:

- Handling of rounding issues & error tolerance. To avoid decimal value issues when uploading data to SahiGST.

- Acceptance of official GSTN excel format. This would also make Tally 6.1 compatible with us.

- Certain changes on how HSN Summary & UQC is handled within SahiGST. Keeping in line with changes in GSTN APIs.

You would receive an email communication from us about this as soon as it is live. We shall also arrange a training webinar for the same.

Our support team is actively attending your calls and answering support tickets. In the fast changing environment that we are dealing with, our support team is quickly learning to help you keep updated. I hope you have so far found our support helpful.