For Taxpayers using SahiGST to file GST returns, here are certain points to note for verifying that the tax return filing was rightly done.

Ensure accuracy of GSTN summary before freezing data:


Before a taxpayer signs & files GST Returns via SahiGST, there is an option to Freeze the Data with GSTN. When data is Freezed with GSTN, a summary of your tax return is generated by GSTN. This step is irreversible and data cannot be changed or corrected further.

To avoid that wrong data is not filed with GSTN, users are recommended to check the “GSTN Summary” tab on the return filing screen and verify the amounts BEFORE freezing the data with GSTN.

Post completion of filing:

Once filing for a GSTR is completed GSTN would ideally notify the taxpayer via an email. SahiGST’s dashboard would also show the return as “Filed”.

To verify details, please login to GST common portal and login with your credentials (

1. From the top navigation, select Services > Returns > Returns Dashboard.

2. Under Services > Returns: Select option “View e-Filed Returns”.

3. On the View e-filed Returns page, select the Financial year, Return Filing Period Details & Return Type. Eg. below for GSTR-1 of July 2017.