GSTN (GST Network) mandates that taxpayers enable API access on Government portal before pushing any data via GSP/ASPs. This can be done on the government portal. Before using SahiGST to file any returns, you would need to complete this process for any GSTIN involved.

Step 1: Registered Taxpayer Need to login their Account via

Step 2: After Login into account Registered taxpayer need to click on on a Top Right side panel. Click on My Profile as shown in pic below:




Step 3: After Clicking on My Profile, the below screen will appear. Click on “Manage API Access”.

Step 4: On clicking the “Manage API Access” the following screen will be displayed. You need to click on “YES” for enabling API Access through GSP or ASP.

Step 5: After Clicking on “Yes option” next field will appear called “Duration”.

The Taxpayer need to select duration the default duration is 6 hours. If Taxpayer wants to opt for a longer session, then he can choose the duration of a longer session by choosing an appropriate value from the drop down. API session will be active during this duration. After this duration, you have to initiate a new session by providing OTP again.

Step 6: Click on “CONFIRM” button. After this process is completed taxpayer would be able to use SahiGST to connect with GSTN.