SahiGST works with multiple ‘GST Suvidha Providers’ (GSPs) to connect with GSTN. GSPs cannot see the data being sent across to GSTN but act as secure pipes to transport data between ASP & GSTN.

Data sent through GSPs are sent via technical data carriers known as “API Calls”. These APIs are specific to various tasks like ‘sending return data’, ‘getting return data from GSTN’, or something very basic like ‘requesting OTP for authentication’. Each API call made on behalf of taxpayer is charged by GSPs. Typically these API calls cost anywhere between 10p to Rs 1. There are various technical protocols that define how these APIs are used and what data can be sent/received in a single API call.

SahiGST has built its application to use these API calls optimally. At our backend we switch between different GSPs to ensure smooth connectivity for our users. SahiGST keeps a log of how many API calls were consumed by each Account (at GSTIN level). SahiGST users are required to maintain an online balance towards 3rd party charges (coming soon) and cost for API usage is debited from this balance on an ongoing basis.

This system gives a transparent view of API usage and charges for the same. Our estimate is that for a GSTIN with up to 2000 B2B transactions in a month, total cost for GSTR-1, GSTR-2 & GSTR-3 of a given month would be less than Rs 60+taxes. However our estimates would improve with time.