Open SahiGST in a compatible browser and then visit sign up page.

Fill in all the mandatory information, you can identify mandatory information by * mark next to the field. After filling the necessary details, click “Create My Account”. You would receive a confirmation mail with Account Code and Activation link from SahiGST.

Following fields are mandatory:- 

  • Company Name/Billing Name

  • First Name

  • Mobile Number

  • Email

  • Username

  • Password

Email ID is mandatory for your Account Code to be generated and delivered. If the provided email id is incorrect then you will not receive the account code with the link to activate your SahiGST account.

Confirmation message: Your account has been created successfully

Once you have submitted the request to create a new account, SahiGST shall send you your 6 Digit Account code and Activation link. On clicking the activation link you will be redirected to the Login page. Any user accessing your SahiGST account would use the same 6 digit Account Code. 

If you don’t receive your account code please check your Spam folder, check your network connection and refresh your email page.